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Does your product work if I have already had the rash a week or more?
Which products should I order?
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Is this safe to use on children or while pregnant?
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You will be taken to a secure store to enter your credit card information. You can tell if a URL is secure when it begins with https:// instead of http://.  You will also be given the option on the checkout page of paying with your Paypal account, so you don't even have to give me your credit card information.

You are welcome to order by phone toll free 877 753 0087 or at the commercial kitchen at 931 237 0690. Please leave a message if I cannot take your call and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Jewelweed soap - Jewelweed infusion in glycerin soap base. Two year shelf life. Keeps best in dark cool place, do not refrigerate.

Jewelweed Spray contains glycerin and Jewelweed infusion, distilled water. Recommended shelf life two years.

Jewelweed salve is made with Jewelweed infused in organic sunflower oil and solidified with organic beeswax. Contains no preservatives. Keeps 6 months on the shelf or 1 if refrigerated when not used.

Does your product work if I have already had the rash a week or more?

98% of people who expressed an opinion, said that Amazing Jewelweed Remedies were helpful for them in all stages of Poison Ivy and Oak rash. As I have a money back guarantee, I would certainly expect much more negative feedback if the product didn't work! Of course bad breakouts will take more time for sores to heal, where small blisters may disappear within hours.

Which products should I order?

I recommend that if you are currently broke out with Poison Ivy or Poison Oak rash, you purchase the soap and either the spray or the salve, or both. The spray is more concentrated, and the salve is a gentle formula that can be used on sensitive areas. Always do a patch test to check for allergy.

If you are not currently suffering from Poison Ivy or Poison Oak but would like a safeguard when you come in contact with it, you may want to just order some Jewelweed soap. Use of soap alone often stops the rash from occurring.

When will my order be shipped?

I strive to get all orders out as fast as humanly possible.  I know that if you are itching, you don't have a lot of patience! You will receive a tracking number at the email address you provide when your order is shipped.

What do I do if the product does not work for me?

Email karen@altnature.com  or call toll free at 877 753 0087  My usual policy is to refund the price of the Amazing Jewelweed Products and Priority Mail shipping charge. I'm sorry, I cannot refund Express Mail shipping charges unless the package takes more than two days from shipping to arrive.

Please do not order more than one kit if you don't know if Jewelweed is effective for you.

Success rate is so high with Amazing Jewelweed Remedies that I can guarantee your purchase 100%!  Your refund will be issued in the same manner your payment was received.

Is this safe to use on children or while pregnant?

While no problems have been reported, its best to check with your doctor.

Can I order by phone?

Yes you may call 877 753 0087 to order by phone. Please leave a message so we can call you back if we are taking other calls or are busy making products.  To order by mail, click here.

Can I use your products on my face?

I use Jewelweed soap on my face everyday to keep my complexion clear, and often use the salve around my eyes as a moisturizer. Be very careful, keep your eyes shut tight while washing you face and rinse thoroughly before opening eyes. Do not use spray in eye area, it stings if it drips in your eye. In case of eye contact rinse eyes with cold water for 60 seconds. For most people Jewelweed is perfectly safe to use in sensitive areas.

A small percentage of people may be allergic to jewelweed, so you should patch test as you would when using any herbal product for the first time. If irritation should occur, wash area with your usual products. In the event that irritation from this product persists, (none reported out of thousands sold) see a doctor.

 In any event that you are not satisfied with these products, contact me for a refund. Overnight shipping charges are not refundable.

How does your product compare to other poison ivy treatments?

 I put our efforts into making a great product that works as advertised, and giving my customers the best products and service possible. And I stand behind my money back guarantee 100%. I don't charge restocking fees when products are returned and in most cases we even refund the Priority Mail shipping charge.

To me, its simple. I have a product that I know will help at least 95- 98% of people who use it. My goal is that the 95%+ will tell their friends how great the products are, and the other 2- 5% will tell you that our customer service is excellent even though the products did not work for them.

My company is unique in that I have managed to keep it small and friendly, in order to take a personal interest in the satisfaction of my customers. I understand that when you have poison ivy or poison oak, you need the quickest service we can possibly give you, and also may need someone to talk to who understands what you are going through. My customer service record reflects this.

To compare us to other companies you may be considering buying from, go to bbb.org and look them up, then look up our company, Alternative Nature Enterprises, and see who you feel more comfortable doing business with. We ship fast, offer a great product, and stand behind our Money Back Guarantee. What more could you want?

Can I buy this in stores?

I have a small list of stores throughout the country that sell my products. Of course, I welcome more wholesale business; so if you like my products please recommend them to a store near you! Store List

Thank you!

Karen Bergeron

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These statements reflect the opinions and testimonials of our customers. This product is a time honored home remedy and has not been sanctioned by the FDA. If you are not satisfied with the product your money will be cheerfully refunded.

*Not intended for internal use or to replace medical attention. If rash does not respond within 24 hours and is extremely uncomfortable, or affects the eyes or other sensitive areas, or if fever is present see a physician immediately. Do not continue use if rash worsens, less than 1% of users may experience an allergic reaction to Jewelweed products. A patch test is recommended, especially with the spray as it is concentrated extract.

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This product is guaranteed to provide itch relief and faster healing of poison ivy and oak rash.

To get refund for this product, please email karen@altnature.com

  with your invoice number and reason for requesting refund. Please use a valid email address.

This site does not share, rent or sell contact information from our customers with anyone for any reason, ever!

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Amazing Jewelweed Kit, Jewelweed soap, salve and spray

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