Carnelian Agate Crystal Necklace

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Please note that descriptions are included for entertainment and novelty purposes only, and based on legend- not science.
These necklaces are not intended to be used for any medical or mental health conditions, or proven to have any healing properties whatsoever. I call them "Intention Stones" and often choose my necklace of the day based on what I'm doing or feeling, as a reminder of my intention for the day.
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Legend says "Wear carnelian and feel the energy flow to you." Used as a talisman for confidence and a "go for it" attitude. The intention is for fullness of life force and vitality.

Associated with the Sacral (2nd) Chakra

Sent with Gift Box or Satin bag. Each crystal necklace is unique, and stones vary. Photos are typical examples of necklace you will receive, not the exact one. I'll be happy to send current pictures that you can choose from.