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Sweet Clover, Melilots Herbal Use

Yellow Sweet Clover FLower picture, yellow flower spike

Melilotus officinalis Melilotus alba

Common Yellow (or white) Sweet Clover, or Melilot Flowers, can be taken as an herbal tea for poor circulation in the legs. Normal use is 1-2 tsp of dried Sweet Clover flowers steeped in 8 oz. hot water, taken 3-4 times a day.

Melilot is said to have blood thinning properties so should be used in moderation, and should not be taken with Warfarin, aspirin or other blood thinning medications. It is toxic in large amounts and has caused death to cattle when consumed in hay that has gone moldy. While this herb has many uses in herbal medicine, the potential for toxicity should not be taken lightly. Excessive amounts or ingestion of improperly dried herb can cause vomiting and even edema and excessive bleeding in extreme cases.

Fresh Sweet Clover leaves can be safely used as a bitter garnish to salads, and young shoots are cooked as a green. Once dried, the leaves may not be safe for internal use, as blood thinning properties are more concentrated in dry leaves, (see links below) but can be used as a sweet aromatic for incense or filling herb pillows and sachets. Sweet Clover can also be used to make an herbal salve for bruises, rheumatic pains, varicose veins, and to increase circulation in the limbs. The yellow and white flower spikes of Meliliot make pretty additions to wildflower bouquets.

Sweet Clovers are fairly common, even invasive in some areas and can be harvested freely in summer. Pick flowers on a sunny day when plants are totally free from moisture. It is extremely important to dry and store this herb in a low humidity environment to prevent any mold from forming.

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Yellow Melilotus
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White Sweet Clover plant Melilotus Alba

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