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Author: Lori Herron

Herbs, Vitamins and Diet Changes may help with Premenstrual Syndrome symptoms.

Breast Tenderness
Avoid caffeine if possible.  Supplemental vitamin E may help, as will calcium. It may take several months to get results.  The following herbs are suggested: black currant, borage, dong quai, feverfew. Application of Evening Primrose oil may be soothing as well.

Avoid consuming alcohol and fatty foods. Supplements of magnesium and calcium are suggested. These herbs may be useful:  black currant, borage, chamomile, chaste berry tree, cramp bark, dong quai, feverfew, motherwort, skullcap and wild yams.

Emotional Upsets
Avoid fats and sweets, increase the intake of carbohydrates. Supplements of magnesium, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin B6. Useful herbs include chamomile, chaste tree berry, dong quai, feverfew, motherwort, sarsaparilla, skullcap and wild yams. Exercise may also be helpful.

Water Retention
Avoid salts. Try chamomile, chaste tree berry, dandelion, and wild yams.

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