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Learn to identify and use wild medicinal herbs and edible plants that grow all around us.

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If you are new to learning about herbs, start right here!
Learn about herbs has information about many herbs that you can easily find growing anywhere the grass is allowed to grow.
You can start out by looking in your yard for plants that you might consider to be weeds. Many of these "weeds" are used for herbal medicine and sold in bottles and teas at your local health food store.

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You can find a huge list of links to free printable herbal information here.

See below for printouts of 14 herbs you can find growing near you. Many of these herbal plants appear in March and April in the United States

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March 2021 Downloads

March 2021 Plants Whole Article - 14 common medicinal plants and uses with pictures

Herb Harvesting and Preparation Basics

Medicinal Plants Slide Show on PDF

Individual March Herbs PDFs

Burdock Herbal Uses PDF

Chickweed Herbal Uses PDF

Chicory and Dandelion Herbal Uses PDF

Cleavers Herbal Uses PDF

Dock Herbal Uses PDF

Ground Ivy Herbal Uses PDF

Mullein Herbal Uses PDF

Plantain Herbal Uses PDF

Pokeweed Herbal Uses PDF

Shepherd's Purse and Speedwell Herbal Uses PDF

Violets Herbal Uses PDF

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